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What Unites Us

Taylor Justice and Esther Farkas

Welcome to “What Unites Us,” a podcast about building businesses meant to last. We’re your hosts: Taylor Justice and Esther Farkas. We lead Unite Us, a technology company that connects health and social care. We became curious about the way other leaders develop, innovate, inspire, and lead – to drive change. We’ve invited an incredible lineup of visionaries to share their experiences, whether they created a new industry, turned an existing one on its head, or breathed new life into an old brand. Why do some ideas stick and others flop? Where does grit come from? What kind of leaders create generational change? Our guests are the boldest trailblazers of our time on their failures, their wins and lessons learned. We promise we’re going to get real and have some fun, because as entrepreneurs and business leaders ourselves, we know that being authentic, showing vulnerability and remaining positive are keys to unlocking success. Copyright ©UniteUs2023 all rights reservedAll opinions expressed by podcast guests are solely those of the guest and do not reflect the opinions of Unite Us.